What Makes Us Different


Experience makes the difference at Mitchell Innovation + Research. We are highly trained market researchers who possess significant experience in marketing and advertising. Our staff has held senior level positions in Fortune 500 companies, leading advertising agencies, and major market research companies. this well-rounded and seasoned background allows us to understand how a research project fits into the bigger marketing picture while understanding our client’s needs first-hand.

Mitchell Innovation + Research is large enough to handle any research or ideation need, but small enough to provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve. Our experience is not just something we talk about; it is something you will experience in expert execution, useful insight, and solid recommendations.


We exist to assist our clients by providing the information or solutions they need to meet their objective, whatever it may be. You will find that our working relationship shows genuine concern for your success, always a fresh perspective, an utmost level of cooperation, and an attitude of service.




Services and Specialization


Executive Coaching and Development

We are expert executive development and training specialists.  We apply our decades of first-hand executive experience and academic credentials to train, develop and coach innovation teams.

Training includes topics such as Innovation Leadership and Ideation Process

Executive development includes working with individual or entire teams to assess strengths and develop innovation capability

Quantitative Research

Our team of data scientists know how to put together any quantitative study and know how to make numbers talk. We handle projects from large A&U studies to small-scale quantitative checks. Our expertise includes:


 New product concept studies

Qualitative Research

We are experts in group dynamics, proficient in eliciting feedback with any consumer or business-to-business respondent. Our goal is to make respondents feel comfortable and respected while encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability.

 Traditional qualitative: focus groups & IDIs

 Ethnography and market segmentation



Online Research

Online research has the benefit of gathering results fast, across broad geographic representation, and researching respondents who are difficult to assemble. MI+R offers a full complement of online research:

Live focus groups and Q&A boards

 Mass quantitative campaigns

Innovation and Ideation

Innovation is the life-blood and operating philosophy at MI+R, it pervades in all our work. We love finding new and useful ideas and solutions.

Proprietary “Diamond Mining” methodology to develop new ideas and solutions for complex business requirements

Cross-functional ideation teams leverage experience and creativity to address enterprise issues